A two week tour

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The two week tour

For about £1,000 or $1,700 (not including the air fare) the Santa María Hotel can organise a guided tour visiting all the Jesuit-Guaraní Missions of Paraguay, accompanying you from airport to airport.

  • A day or two in Asunción before travelling down to Misiones
  • The magnificent church of Yaguarón, the only complete church in Paraguay remaining from the time of the Reductions
  • A week in rural Santa María with its campesino activities, visiting local social projects
  • The museums of Jesuit-Guaraní baroque art: in Santa María, San Ignacio, Santa Rosa, Santiago
  • The mission of San Cosme y Damián, with its extensive remains and modern observatory
  • The romantic ruins of Jesús and Trinidad, with the illuminated night walk
  • The famous Argentinian mission of San Ignacio Mini, with its Son et Lumiére
  • A day at the stunning Iguazú Falls
  • Fly out from Foz do Iguaçu airport