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Dr Tim Bowman, UK

“I highly recommend this fantastic tour of the Jesuit Reductions. It not only makes these ‘utopian Christian communities’ readily accessible, but includes engagements with grassroots Latin American base communities, and visits to places of breathtaking natural beauty and of deep cultural and historical significance. I enjoyed it so much, I’m planning a repeat.”


Professor Maurice Whitehead, Swansea University

“No amount of prior reading on the subject can fully prepare a visitor for the impact of the Jesuit Reductions: taken together, their sheer scale and size, the ingenuity of the amalgam of Guaraní and Jesuit cultures and the remarkable survival and preservation of such a rich legacy are truly breathtaking. Having visited 15 ofthe 30 Reductions, I can thoroughly recommend the guided tours organised by Margaret Hebblethwaite: they are a total revelation of a world little known to European visitors.”

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