In and around Santa María

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In and around Santa María de Fe

Those wishing to spend a day in Santa María, but not stay overnight, may follow all or part of this suggested programme. If you are coming from Asunción, the drive takes about 3 ½ hours.
10.00 arrive and have light refreshments
10.30 tour of square including foundational cross and monument to Bonpland
11.00 guided visit to museum
12.00 lunch at Hotel, with live harp and guitar music
13.00 visit to sewing cooperative next door to Hotel with the opportunity to purchase craft.
14.00 tour of the village in ox cart, visiting the little Calvary and the historic spring of Ykuateja
16.00 light refreshments
16.30 feed monkeys in the square, or Guaraní language class, or learn to make tereré, or harp-playing
17.30 departure