About Us

Who runs the Hotel?

The idea was conceived by theologian and writer Margaret Hebblethwaite and managed by Milciades Mancuello,  who has spent a number of months training in Britain.


Our Mission

The Santa Maria Hotel opened in January 2006 and is an innovative project of ethical tourism with a dual purpose:
to open up Paraguay to travellers from overseas, offering a visit to the historic Jesuit missions in a spirit of pilgrimage, with an introduction to the local culture and the local people.
to bring work to a place of massive unemployment and to pay people a just wage for it.

We welcome travellers who do not speak Spanish. Our staff come from local poor families, and are selected for their knowledge of English as well as their honesty, reliability and competence. English classes are given without charge in Santa Maria, thanks to volunteers working with the Santa Maria Education Fund (registered UK charity no.1105031)